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Wave 2 of Army of Darkness Defense

Wave 2
Photo 3
Second Wave



Mass Enemy fleets

0 Enemy incoming signII

Bone Clubs

10 Bone Club

Red Evil Books

3 Red Evil Book

Coins Awarded

50 Coin

What you will encounter:

Your Weapons:

  • Super Boom Stick


This is the first wave of the game. While you do not have any highly advanced weapons yet, the enemy line is weaker and smaller than it is in all of the other waves. Additionally, there is no mass enemy fleet. The best strategy I have, is to start further back. Over the course of each wave, you will be forced back so why not give yourself as much space as possible! My professional advice to you, is kill them before they get to kill you!

"Kill them before they get to kill you!"
  — TheWizardz 

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