The Pit is an unlockable add-on for the Castle. It is a rust-colored piece of metal that presumably covers a hole. Gears and mechanical contraptions are visible on the outside.

Any Deadites knocked back by any source, be it catapults, Iron Fists, Chainsaws, or a random chance of knockback resulting from afterburn/melee damage will fall into the Pit if they are close enough. This helps immensely early in the wave. Bosses can only be knocked in when they have low enough health. Allies cannot be knocked in.

The Pit costs 30,000 coins.


The Pit excels at assisting Ash with disposing of Deadites early in the wave. Although it still remains a viable strategy later in the wave, the Deadites tend to get more numerous and increase the risk of knocking in Deadites.


The Pit has only one level, and when purchased automatically becomes level MAX.


• In the movie, Ash was forced to fight a Deadite without his shotgun or chainsaw in the Pit. He successfully defeats the Deadite and is allowed to leave the Pit.

• The animation of a Deadite falling in is not a typical one, in which, instead the Deadite rotates so it is facing the Pit (or, if the Deadite was on the left side of the pit, the back of its head will be facing the pit), flies high into the air, and then shrinks as the Pit opens, the Deadite enters, and then the Pit closes.

• The Deadite still counts as being alive while the animation plays, the health of the Deadite fully depleting a second after the animation completes. Melee-based troops will ignore the Deadite, but Wall Archers, Catapults, and normal Archers will continue shooting at the Deadite until its health depletes


The only person to ever escape the Pit was Ashley J. WIlliams (you). So knocking a Deadite in basically guarantees they won't be coming back. Unfortunately, not even a skeleton is stupid enough to fall in by accident.