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"This fine piece of medievil engineering makes modern prosthetics look frail by comparison."
  — Game Description 

Iron Fist


Ash Utilities


50 coins

Special Abilities

Low range attack

The Iron Fist is a Short range weapon that punches enemies close to Ash. When you get the Pit, it is very useful, (The Iron Fist and the Chainsaw) for making the enemie deadities fall into it.

When to use it:

  • Don't use it everytime when it is possible, use it when it is NECESSARY, if not you might end lying on the floor, dead becuse a deaditie archer or a deaditie speardeaditie killed you from long range
  • Use it when you have the pit, so the deadities fall easier into it.


  • The Iron Fist Costs, it is not free, and you get in in wave 0-5, so it is not a log-time waiting.
  • After the Iron Fist, you will be able to buy the Chainsaw, but if you buy it, you wont be able to use the Iron Fist again.

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