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How do I use Forums?

The existing discussion topics are listed in the sub-forums. Each such forum has an input box that allows you to type a title for a new discussion topic and press a button to create it. The discussion topic is an ordinary wiki page, that is preloaded with a template. This template ensures that the page has the correct category for indexing in the corresponding forum. It's important not to delete this template when you write your message.

Once the page is saved, it is an ordinary page in the "Forum:" namespace and has become a new thread listed on the sub-forum's index page. Other contributors can then edit and add to the page in the same way as to other wiki pages. Pages with new messages are moved to the top of the list, and are shown in bold and with an Forum new icon.

To add your own comments to a discussion, click "edit" as with any other wiki page, use one or more colons (:) to indent your comments beneath the comment you are replying to, and sign your name and the date/time by typing four tildes (~~~~) or clicking the "signature" button above the edit box or the equivalent markup symbol below it.

You can view all recent changes for the forum by clicking the link above the forum list.

~Credit, Wikia Community Central

How do I create a Poll?

If the poll extension is enabled on your wiki, you can use the following code:

             Is this a good poll question?

That will make

Is this a good poll question?

The poll was created at 15:39 on November 5, 2012, and so far 2 people voted.


contact staff to have this extension enabled. See also help:polls.

How to make a Sandbox

Instead of using the public Test page you can create your personal Sandbox in which to learn how to use the Wiki and to work on articles you wish to create and contribute to the Wiki.

As a first step, you should have chosen a user name and logged in.

Whenever you are logged in, your user name appears at the top of any page on the Wiki.

Click on your user name to visit your personal User page, and then click on the Edit tab.

You may now provide biographical or other information about yourself and your interests.

But in order to create a sandbox, write this link code on the Edit screen:

/Sandbox. When you finish editing your User page, click on the Save button at the bottom of the Edit screen and you will be returned to your User page where your Sandbox link will be at the top of your User page. From then on, you may at any time click on that link to go to your personal Sandbox and use it for learning Wiki and for working on articles you want to create and contribute to the Wiki.

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