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The Game

Army of Darkness Defense is a 2D side-scrolling defense-type game for iOS. It's based on the cult classic movie, Army of Darkness. You play as Ash, and your goal is to protect the Necronomicon (the book of the dead) from an undead army of deadites. Controls

Move Left/Right: touch left/right side of screen Attack with Shotgun: stand still, he'll shoot automatically Attack with Fist/Chainsaw (melee): stand still close to and facing an enemy Use Skill: Tap the appropriate icon on the top right of the screen Summon Troop: Tap the appropriate portrait on the bottom left of the screen Upgrade Smith: Tap the smithy's portrait. You'll need...

Level 1 to 2: 30 Iron Bars

Level 2 to 3: 50 Iron Bars

Level 3 to Max: 75 Iron Bars


Ash is the hero. Upgrades

Stats - improves shotgun damage, melee damage, and health Rating: 3.5/4 Upgrading stats from time to time is important because you'll need to improve your health in order to survive a few hits from enemies. The improved damage is nice too.

Chainsaw - improves melee damage, range Rating: 3/4 Makes the melee attack far superior to the shotgun. Get this early, and make sure you have it by the time you get the Pit (see section 6).

Chainsaw - improves melee damage, range Rating: 3/4 Makes the melee attack far superior to the shotgun. Get this early, and make sure you have it by the time you get the Pit (see section 6). Skills

Super Boomstick - damages and knocks back enemies at medium range Rating: 3/4 Pretty cheap to upgrade, recharges quickly, and can knock enemies into the Pit. Good for most of the game.

The Wrong Book - absorbs enemies based on their remaining health Rating: 1.5/4 Kills enemies outright, but the damage is low. Generally not worth a slot.

Arrow Volley - damages and ignites enemies in a large area in front of Ash Rating: 4/4 Deals solid damage. Great for clearing dangerous groups of low health, high damage enemies like horsemen, spearmen, and archers. Ineffective against high health enemies and bosses, however.

Magic Words- Either summons some troops, or heals units around you. Rating: 2/4 Don't upgrade it, since the heal is actually better than the summon. Summon will often give you some useless peasants or swordsmen, whereas heal is always good. Still, not a great skill since half the time it's useless.

Catapult Volley - damages enemies in a small area in front of Ash Rating: 2/4 High damage, but expensive to upgrade and doesn't hit many enemies. Better than Arrow Volley for bosses, but is otherwise pretty bad.

Deathcoaster - travels left to right, damaging enemies in its path until it deals a certain amount of damage or reaches the end Rating: 4/4 Expensive to upgrade and slow to recharge, but will kill all enemies except bosses and wall-units, to whom it will still deal big damage.


Units with an * can only exist one at a time

Peasant Swordsman Spearman Archer Sword-boy Armored Guard Wiseman* Arthur* Horseman Henry* Torch-boy

The troop info is right there in the game, so I don't want to copy it. See the strategy section on how to use these guys.

The Castle

Necronomicon - improves the health of the gate protecting the book Rating: 2/4 If the enemy reaches the Necronomicon, you're probably screwed anyway. Still, worth the first upgrade.

Wall Archers - archers on walls shoot flaming arrows at enemies Rating: 2.5/4 Quickly becomes obselete unless you continue to upgrade it. If you do invest in it, the damage is solid and it's helpful early in a wave.

Wall Catapults - catapult by the staircase damages enemies nearby. Rating: 2/4 High damage, but expensive to upgrade, and shoots slowly. Probably not worth investing in.

Smithy - increases the starting level of the smithy. Rating: 4/4

Very expensive, but will let you start summoning troops much faster, since you won't have to wait as long in the beginning to upgrade.

The Pit - knocked-back enemies nearby will fall in and die. Bosses will only fall in if they have low health. Rating: 4/4 Get this ASAP. Great for holding off the enemy early in a wave.


You can look at the Ash and Castle sections in order to see what I recommend upgrading. But what about troops?

Troop Strategy

Early Waves: Use swordsmen, but don't bother upgrading them too much, until you get the sword-boy. Peasants supplied with swords are very effective.

Middle Waves: Summon heroes whenever possible. Horsemen are great for getting into the action quickly. Peasants are too weak now.

Late Waves: Here's where things get tough. You'll want to use...

Tank 'n' Spank

This means letting high-health troops (Arthur, Armored Guard) soak up damage, while letting high-damage troops (Spearmen, Archers, Horsemen, Henry) deal damage from behind. The third component is the Wiseman- he heals the tank. Your tank won't last long without him.

Tank: Arthur is by far the number one choice. His health is massive, plus he comes with some archers.

Spank: I like archers, since you can use the torch-boy late in the game, and they're dirt cheap. Also they come with Arthur, so you might as well upgrade and use them. The downside is that they will get absolutely slaughtered if enemies get near them. Spearmen are very strong, but die pretty quickly since they have to get sorta-close to the enemy. Horsemen are like spearmen, but faster and more durable. Their downside is that they are quite expensive. Henry is great and you should be your 3rd priority after Arthur and the Wiseman.

Wiseman: The Wiseman is pretty cheap to upgrade. Don't be fooled by his modest increases in stats in his first few upgrades - he becomes much better once you upgrade him into the higher levels.

How To Beat the Last Few Waves

This is probably why you're here. Let's break it down:

Recommmended skills: Arrow Volley, Deathcoaster Recommended Troops: Arthur, Henry, Wiseman, Archer, Torch-Boy Essential Upgrades (Wave 50): Chainsaw, The Pit, Maxed Wiseman, Maxed Smithy Recommended Upgrades (Wave 50): Arthur, Henry, and Archers at level 6+, Maxed Arrow Volley (or other skill), Maxed Deathcoaster

Start of the Wave: Run quickly to the right side, and use hit-and-run tactics to knock enemies into the pit one by one without getting hurt. Use damage-dealing skills ASAP. If you're on wave 50, you should have the smithy skill maxed, and you should save

up 75 iron before getting any troops, so you can have the

smithy maxed out ASAP. Before wave 50, try to at least get

to smithy level 3. Eventually you will be forced back.

Rest of the Wave: Hire the Wiseman and Arthur first. Make sure the wiseman survives until he is safely behind Arthur. Keep hitting-

and-running to keep the enemies back and deal damage, and keep spamming your skills. Third priority is summoning Henry, since he's a great damage dealer and will substitute-tank for a while if Arthur goes down. Once all the heroes are out, spam your damage-dealing unit of choice, but if one of your heroes is about to die, save up the iron to re-summon them immediately.

Wave 50: The last Wave contains Evil Ash, who is by far the toughest enemy in the game. You probably won't beat him on the first try. If you're having trouble, try saving your first Deathcoaster until Evil Ash shows up and is in range. See the Essential and Recommended Upgrades above. Just keep retrying and upgrading your troops, and you'll eventually win.


 Copyright 2011 Ben Lawrence

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