Please note that the names are not official and are only inferred. Damage values are approximate and not confirmed.

The Deadites have many types. The types will be listed below as follows-

1-Basic Deadite: The first Deadite encountered. It is a typical skeleton with a wooden plank. It's damage and health are both pitiful, and Ash should be able to kill it easily.

Pit Monster

2-The Evil Book: The second enemy encountered. It is a red book that flies, and resembles the Necronomicon. While it is stronger than the Basic Deadite, it is still pretty weak.

3-The Eviler Book: The third enemy encountered. (I will stop counting enemies at this point.) While stronger than the Evil Book, it is still weak. The Eviler Book is colored gray as opposed to the Evil Book's red.

4-The Spearskeletons: There are three variations, their strength and type indicated by the size of their spears. The basic Spearskeleton has a simple spear. The intermediate Spearskeleton has a three-pronged spear as well as more armor. The advanced Spearskeleton has a spear with a giant blade as the spearpoint. Their health is extremely low, but their damage should not be ignored.

5-Pit Monster: The Pit Monster is not a skeleton (but is still a Deadite), but rather what appears to be a humanoid entity missing pupils and having little neck, as well as being covered in chains. Their health and damage are both moderately high, doing more damage than Eviler Books but less than Spearskeletons.

6-Barrier Deadites: These Deadites have 3 variants. All 3 cannot attack in any way whatsoever, despite their appearance, but they have copious amounts of health. The basic Barrier Deadite has just a plain wooden wall on wheels, the intermediate Barrier Deadite has small spikes on its bigger wall on wheels, and the advanced Barrier Deadite has an enormous wall with metallic corners.

7-Crossbow Deadites: These Deadites have 3 variants. All 3 share the same range as an Archer, but have slightly faster firing speeds in comparison. The basic Crossbow Deadite is just a helmetless Deadite with a Crossbow, the intermediate Crossbow Deadite has a basic helmet, and the advanced Crossbow Deadite has a Viking helmet. All 3 do very noticeable damage to Ash and in immense numbers (commonly seen in Wave Infinity), can kill even the troops with the most health.

8-Music Deadites: These Deadites have 2 variants. One of them plays a flute and the other uses skulls around its waist as drums. These two Music Deadites do not seem to be different aside from appearance. They boost their allies' damage output.

9-Horseskeletons: These Deadites ride a Deadite Horse and is the Deadite counterpart to the Horseman. Similar to the Horseman, they are fast, deal quite a bit of damage, but cannot take an extended amount of hits.

10-Warrior Deadites: These Deadites appear to be different but are statistically identical. One has a Viking Helmet, a wooden shield, and a cutlass, and one has a rounded shield with a spike and a spiked mace. Their damage and health are the about the same of a level 5 swordsman.

11-Hammer Deadite: These Deadites can take quite a beating and do a good amount of damage. They have a large shield, a hammer, and a spiked helmet.

12-Witch: She heals her Deadite alies and is the Deadite counterpart of the Wiseman. She has low health, but can take a few Chainsaw attacks.

13-Gargoyle: This Deadite is not made of stone. He is basically a Warrior Deadite that moves slightly quicker but has slightly less health.

14-Sheila: She wears a red dress, has dreadlocks as hair, and carries an enormous spear. Her damage is very noticeable and her health is also quite high, though it falls to concentrated attacks rather quickly. As a Boss, she can only go into the pit when at low enough health.

15-Evil Ash: He is the final Deadite and has a skull for a hat, and carries a giant sword. His health is simply enormous, and his damage does a lot of damage even to a fully upgraded Ash. A lot of repeated hits from the most damaging troops available are what it takes to destroy him. Depending on his health, he periodically stops at certain checkpoints. When his health is low enough, he moves on to the next checkpoint. The final checkpoint is at the gate where the Necronomicon is located.