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Backflip Studios is the videogame company who created and published DragonVale. It was founded in April 2009. They are best known for the game Paper Toss, which has had 24 million downloads.

You can visit their site here And the wiki here


Backflip Studios was founded by Julian Farrier, Tom Blind and Dale Thoms in April 2009. By August 2009 they had gained $145,000 to keep designing games for the iPhone. So far they have developed and produced 18 mobile games.


Since they were founded, in April 2009, Backflip Studios has developed and produced the following mobile games:

Full list of games here courtesy of BFS wiki

Many of their games have reached the App store's best selling list.

Three their best selling games, Paper Toss, DragonVale, and NinJump, were also released for Android.

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