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Ash in s-mart

Ash in S-Mart

Ash, real name Ashley James Williams, is the most important, though not necessarily the most powerful, character in the game, similar to the King in a game of Chess. He is sent back in time to lead the Resistance against the Army of Darkness, an army consisting of skeletons called Deadites.

Ash is upgradeable, with noticeable increases in health and damage. He can be outfitted with an Iron Fist and a Chainsaw, and may bring two unique spells with him every wave. These spells can change the way the wave is going if executed properly.

Ash is voiced by Bruce Campbell, using sound clips from the Army of Darkness film.


While coming home from S-Mart, Ash and his girlfriend Linda went to a log cabin where an archaeologist was studying his latest find, the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, the Book of the Dead. The Book sucked Ash from his world into a medieval England, circa 1300 AD. The citizens there are threatened by the Army of Darkness who wish to have the Necronomicon. Should the Deadites get their hands on the Necronomicon, all of mankind will be consumed by the Deadites' evil. Ash leads the Resistance against the Army of Darkness.

Special PowersEdit

Ash's health is fairly high and has moderate damage output. While most troops can surpass his damage output, he is a useful source of utility and contributes greatly to his army. Unique to Ash is his ability to be outfitted with an Iron Fist and Chainsaw, which increases his damage. Most notably, however, is his spells, which is highly influential in his army's success. The six available spells are the Super Boomstick (a powerful shotgun blast), the Wrong Book (sucks in sufficiently weakened enemies), the Magic Words (summons random allies that increase in strength, or can heal the entire army), the Arrow Volley (summons a long downpour of arrows), the Catapult Volley (summons a very brief downpour of catapult boulders), and the Deathcoaster (an Oldsmobile equipped with "Deadite demolishing technology" that deals immense damage). Ash's survival is crucial to his army; if he dies, the wave is automatically lost, regardless of how well his army is doing.


  • There is a dragon in Dragonvale, which is another game by Backflip Studios, that has many references to Ash. Its description is, "The strange expression all ash dragons have was caused by a loud magical boomstick going off near one of their ancestors It's said the BOOM! was so loud it echoed through time and affected ash dragons throughout the generations. That seems almost as unlikely as the dead rising from their graves!"
  • Ash's Boomstick, is a sawed off double barrel 12 gauge remington shotgun, which seems to hold far more than two rounds.

Leveling Up RewardsEdit


Level 1

Health: 100Health

Attack: 7Attack


Level 2

Health: 160Health

Attack: 11 Attack

Cost: 50 Coin

Level 3

Health: 256Health

Attack: 17Attack

Cost: 250 Coin

Level 4

Health: 384Health

Attack: 24Attack

Cost: 850Coin

Level 5

Health: 576Health

Attack: 34Attack

Cost: 1900Coin

Level 6

Health: 864Health

Attack: 44Attack

Cost: 3450Coin

Level 7

Health: 1210Health

Attack: 57Attack

Cost: 5510Coin

Level 8

Health: 1694Health

Attack: 74Attack

Cost: 8100Coin

Level 9

Health: 2202Health

Attack: 89Attack

Cost: 11260Coin

Level 10

Health: 2863Health

Attack: 107 Attack

Cost: 15000 Coin


  • The night it started
  • Being Sucked in
  • The BOOK
  • Making Peace
  • "Guard This"
  • "Who is With Me?"
  • The Enemy Rises
  • Ash with full body armor and iron fist
  • Health bar - Full
  • Ash Profile

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