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There are 52 Gamecenter Achievements in Army of Darkness Defense
Achievement Description Points
Archers at the Ready Fully Upgrade the Archers 10
Avaricious Save up 50,000 gold without spending it 20
Bone Crusher Kill 50 Skeletons 10
Bonesaw Kill 100 Deadites with the Chainsaw 10
Brute Force Complete 5 waves without using a special ability 10
Build a Better Foot Soldier Full Upgrade the Swordsmen 10
Burn, Baby Upgrade 25 Archers with Torch Boy 10
Cavalry Complete a wave using only Horsemen or Henry the Red `15
Defend the castle Finish a wave without allowing any enemies past eh courtyard 10
Definetely the Necktie Get the necktie result from the Magic Words ability 25 times 10
Equestrian Elite Fully upgrade the Horsemen 10
Every Last Syllable Fully upgrade the Magic Words ability 10
Faithful Reenactment Knock Evil Sheila into the pit 20
Ground Defense Kill 20 Skeleton Archers 10
He Who is Prophesized Complete all 50 waves 25
Hoarder Save up 10,000 gold without spending it 15
Honey, Your Got Real Ugly Ash strikes the killing blow on Evil Sheila 10
I'll Bend My Bow Beat a wave using only Archers 10
Isn't the Pit Wonderful? Full upgrade the Pit 10
It Goes to Eleven Upgrade Peasants to level 11 10
It's a Miracle! Come back from the brink of death 10
Iron Constitution Reach the highest Smithy level 10
It's Gonna be a Long Night Complete 25 waves 15
King of this Land Fully upgrade Arthur 10
Last Defense Fully upgrade the Necronomicon Gate 10
Like a Brick House Fully upgrade the Armored Guards 10
London Bridge is Falling Down Kill 10 Mini-Ash groups 10
Lord of the Northlands Fully upgrade Henry the Red 10
Materialistic Save up 5,000 gold without spending it 10
Monster Basher Kill 20 Pit Monsters 10
Oh, the Irony Fully upgrade the Smithy 10
One Man Show Beat a wave without summoning any allies 20
Plenty for Everybody Kill 250 Deadites with the Deathcoaster ability 10
Poor Man's Army Upgrade 25 Peasants with Sword Boy 10
Protect the book Complete 5 waves without allowing any damage to the Necronomicon 10
Rain of Death Fully upgrade the Catapult Volley ability 10
Rain on My Parade Fully upgrade the Arrow Volley ability 10
Rock and Roll Fully upgrade the Catapults 10
Say Hello to the 21st Century Fully upgrade the Deathcoaster ability 10
Self Destruction Ash strikes the killing blow on Evil Ash 10
Shop Smart All upgrades unlocked 10
Skull Crusher Kill 100 Deadites with the Iron Fist 10
Spinach Chin Fully upgrade the Wiseman 10
Stabby-Stabby, FTW Fully upgrade the Spearmen 10
Stay with the Book Beat a wave without using Ash to attack 10
SWOOORD BOOOOY! Beat a wave using only Peasants and the Sword Boy 15
Tank 'N Spank Beat a wave using only Armored Guards, Archers, and Spearmen 15
This...Is My BOOM-stick Kill 100 Deadites with the Boomstick 10
Walls of Doom Fully upgrade the Wall Archers 10
Who's with me!? Summon Every possible unit 10
Wrong Book Fully upgrade the Vortex ability 10
You Have My Shteel Beat a wave using only Swordsmen 10

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